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Great Value New York Contractor Insurance

In the contracting business, you face a new set of risks virtually every day. If you want to be properly protected, you need Contractors Insurance customized specifically to your business

The most common hazards for all contractors seem pretty obvious: vehicle crashes and employee injuries. But depending on your trade, you might also be likely to face a liability lawsuit which could cost you upwards of $2 million.

If you aren't aware of all the risks, you could find yourself seriously exposed and under-insured, which can put you out of business fast. That's why scores of New York firms come to Avanti Associates, Ltd. for their Contractor Insurance. 

If you've ever shopped around for coverage, you know how bewildering it can be to choose between so many different plans. It's easy to get confused and make mistakes.

The Avanti Associates Advantage

With Avanti Associates Ltd., you don’t need to worry about all that. Our New York program comes in one neat package that takes care of all of your needs.  The program is built on a number of insurance essentials -- those you need by law and those that add crucial protection for your particular contracting business. That spectrum of essentials and options includes:
  • General Liability Insurance for claims and lawsuits relating to injury or damage caused to others or their property.

  • Product and completed operations coverage for defective materials, mistakes or alleged poor performance.

  • Commercial Property Insurance that covers a wide range of risks, like fire, damage or theft to your own office, materials and equipment.

  • Employee-related coverage including disability and Workers Compensation, to comply with state law and cover your employees for lost income due to injury or illness

  • Employment Related Practices Insurance – to cover you for wrongful acts arising from the employment process, such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, failure to promote or invasion of privacy. Pays your defense costs even if the claim or suit is without merit.

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance – protects you for physical damage to, and liability for, your trucks, vans, and passenger vehicles. 

  • Mobile Equipment – Coverage for tractors, forklifts, earthmovers, and other vehicles not considered to be autos. This coverage is available via endorsement to your general liability and property policies.

  • Professional Liability – to cover your liability for design errors or omissions. This is especially important if you are doing design-build work.

  • Other options including higher limit liability coverage (umbrella insurance), key person insurance, special job or trade-related risks such as pollution clean-up or asbestos control, business disruption and loss of income.
Customized To Your Needs

Because your New York insurance plan is customized to your needs, and because we specialize in Contractors Insurance, Avanti Associates Ltd. can secure highly competitive rates, including valuable discounts for higher deductibles and other qualifying conditions. Plus, you won’t end up paying for protection you don't need. In the increasingly regulated New York construction and contracting environment, that could all add up to significant savings!

In addition, Avanti Associates Ltd.'s Contractor Insurance specialists provide a full, personal support service that includes:
  • A wide range of contractors bonds, including Bid & Performance, Licensing, and Crime bonds.

  • Rapid response to additional liability protection needs.

  • Same day insurance certification.

  • Advice on risk management and regulatory requirements.

  • Answers to trade and category specific insurance questions.

  • Easy payment terms.

  • Regular reviews of your needs and updates to ensure you remain fully protected.

  • Claims support.
Best Deal, Free Quote

Our aim at Avanti Associates Ltd. is to provide you with total protection for your New York contracting business, unrivaled customer service, and the best value available on Contractors Insurance. Even if you already have insurance, you may find we can offer a better deal with more effective coverage.

We've even simplified the inquiry process so you can find out right now, for no cost and without any obligation, how easily and cost-effectively Avanti Associates Ltd. can meet your Contractor Insurance needs. Just fill out the fast and simple Free Quote form at the top of this page. Do it now and our experts will quickly get to work for you.
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