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Liability claims can occur to any professional. If you are a chiropractor, it is generally advisable to maintain high-quality, high-level liability coverage. Professional liability coverage for chiropractors is often the best decision. What is it? How can it help you? Why shouldn't you go without it? READ MORE >>

Most commonly, directors and officers insurance, or D & O insurance, is purchased by companies looking to protect the members of their Board of Directors or other high-level positions from claims made against the company. READ MORE >>

Do you really need to invest in business insurance that covers interruptions to your operations? As a business owner, you may not remember a time when you couldn't open your location and serve your customers' needs. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can afford to go without any type of coverage for an interruption. READ MORE >>

Recently, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid $17,000 to a hacker who took over their computer systems. Increasingly, hackers’ attempts are bold and numerous in number. Unfortunately, data breaches are becoming a way of life. The best way to protect your business is to take measures to prevent, avoid and mitigate the possibility of a cyber-attack. READ MORE >>

Do you have bailee business insurance? Many smaller companies (and larger organizations) have a significant amount of business insurance in place, but lack this specific type of coverage. Without it though, you may be financing a good deal of financial risk. READ MORE >>

Cyber risk is a growing problem in most areas of the country. This is any type of risk associated with Internet-related attacks or hacks. They are growing not only in number, but also in the amount of damage they can do. READ MORE >>

Directors and officers within your company hold a level of respect and esteem, but they also tend to carry a higher level of risk than other employees and managers of the company. That is why it’s important to consider whether or not your directors and officers need D & O insurance. READ MORE >>

The wind is howling and you hear the trees snapping in the distance. As the storm moves closer, you can hear the branches breaking loose from the trees around your home. You're worried about what will happen if that tree falls on your house and damages it. READ MORE >>

It is quite common for companies to go year-to-year without making changes to their business insurance policies. The reason for doing so could be a lack of time or it not crossing your mind. This could impact the type, amount, and coverage specifications that organizations need going forward. READ MORE >>

If you’re like many other American homeowners, you may have a dog living with your family. Your furry friend probably fits right in, snuggling up to the family for movie night and playing in the yard on nice days. But even though your dog may be a loving member of the family, there’s still a chance that it could bite a visitor if provoked or scared. READ MORE >>

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