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The centerpiece of any restaurant is most obviously the food. Any serious restaurant owner wants to provide his or her customers with a great product. That being said, food isn’t without its risks. We all know that we could get sick because of something we eat. READ MORE >>

Despite strong sanitation rules, it is possible for people to get sick or die from the food they eat. If you run a restaurant, the last thing you want to have is a sick customer. Food-borne illnesses can be very severe. They can lead to hospitalization, long recovery periods and even death. READ MORE >>

Most restaurants take every step they can to ensure that each customer is given the very best plate of food. It is what keeps your customers coming back to you day in and day out. Yet, mistakes can happen and when they do, they can have devastating results. For example, a customer could chip a tooth on something in the dish. READ MORE >>

All of a sudden, there's no water pressure in your restaurant. You cannot run water to prep food, wash hands, run bathrooms or clean up. Your equipment, which may rely on steam heating, may not be working either. It's all because of a water main break located outside of your restaurant. READ MORE >>

You come to work one day, open the doors and find that the restaurant has been vandalized. Perhaps some teens trashed the back of the building, leaving a sizable mess to clean up and damaging your light fixtures. Perhaps you have spray paint to clean off or damage to your exterior signage. READ MORE >>

Every restaurant needs to carry several different types of restaurant insurance in order to protect business interests against financial loss. One of those policies should be general liability or commercial general liability (CGL), which is designed to protect the restaurant owner against legal claims in the event of an accident or negligence involving a third party. READ MORE >>

From food safety to injuries, there are many potential risks associated with operating a restaurant. Unfortunately, the competitive nature of the food industry provides little opportunity to recover from errors. In fact, a lawsuit resulting from food you serve could lead to your business shutting down. READ MORE >>

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