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Pet groomers provide a key service to the community. Their job entails many working components. They must provide service to animals that can bite. They provide a service that uses key skills. They often offer advice as well. Most groomers use specialized equipment and operate out of various types of shops. READ MORE >>

Small businesses today often face more risk than businesses from ten or more years ago. The way you do business is different as well. You may now be selling your services or products online. You may even have a global customer base. READ MORE >>

Having the right business insurance in place protects you, personally, from loss. It also helps to keep your business operational. In every situation, a business owner should plan for risks. When buying insurance, think about what factors could limit your company’s success. READ MORE >>

The centerpiece of any restaurant is most obviously the food. Any serious restaurant owner wants to provide his or her customers with a great product. That being said, food isn’t without its risks. We all know that we could get sick because of something we eat. READ MORE >>

Client falls are common causes of injury in any restaurant. Dropped food, puddles or poorly marked steps can injure clients if they fall in your business. A client could need medical treatment and rehabilitation after a fall. Additionally, a client could lose money while recovering from a fall injury. READ MORE >>

If someone hires you to do home contracting, he or she is tasking you with sensitive projects. A client also expects you to complete all home contracting work in a safe and timely manner. Being a contractor means you have a lot of access to another person’s home and their most valuable items. READ MORE >>

A data breach insurance policy may not seem like something small businesses need. It may seem like data breaches only affect large companies that have lots of clients or sensitive information.  However, there is a growing need for small businesses to obtain business insurance. READ MORE >>

When someone becomes a director in a business, they assume a higher level of risk. That’s because managers, directors and other officers sit in much more powerful positions. This added risk often merits higher levels of insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Operating a business is difficult. In addition to handling the day-to-day operations, you also must protect your business from risks. As you know, risks can interfere with business profits. This can lead to you ceasing operations in bad cases. READ MORE >>

No matter the industry you are in as a consultant, your job comes with some pretty important skills required and, in many cases, the companies and people you work with and through will likely demand that you be held responsible when things go right and wrong. Consultants are often their own business owners. READ MORE >>

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