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In 2012, there were over 720,000 auto thefts within the United States. Car thieves make a lot of money stealing cars, so their incentive to do so will continue. Regardless if your car is new or old, you don’t want your car to be stolen. This could potentially increase the cost of your auto insurance. READ MORE >>

The foundation of the home isn't something most homeowners think about very often. But, it is the most important component of the home. Without it, every wall, ceiling, and other surfaces are at risk. Foundation damage can occur for a variety of reasons. And, it is not always a type of coverage that your home insurance plan will pay to repair. READ MORE >>

The wind is howling and you hear the trees snapping in the distance. As the storm moves closer, you can hear the branches breaking loose from the trees around your home. You're worried about what will happen if that tree falls on your house and damages it. READ MORE >>

You come to work one day, open the doors and find that the restaurant has been vandalized. Perhaps some teens trashed the back of the building, leaving a sizable mess to clean up and damaging your light fixtures. Perhaps you have spray paint to clean off or damage to your exterior signage. READ MORE >>

If you are a lawyer or studying to be one, what do you need to know about professional liability insurance? A lot. So, we thought we'd help out and give you an overview so you’re prepared. What is professional liability insurance? It is insurance that can provide monetary assistance if a client, a former client or a third party sues you. READ MORE >>

It is quite common for companies to go year-to-year without making changes to their business insurance policies. The reason for doing so could be a lack of time or it not crossing your mind. This could impact the type, amount, and coverage specifications that organizations need going forward. READ MORE >>

If you’re like many other American homeowners, you may have a dog living with your family. Your furry friend probably fits right in, snuggling up to the family for movie night and playing in the yard on nice days. But even though your dog may be a loving member of the family, there’s still a chance that it could bite a visitor if provoked or scared. READ MORE >>

Business professionals who serve on the board of directors or as officers are often thought of as being outside the risk of the company. However, there are times when they can be held liable for a wide range of mistakes or acts of negligence. READ MORE >>

Your dog is just like family to you. Perhaps you've raised it from a pup or rescued it from a shelter. Yet, they are animals and as such, they may react fiercely when they feel threatened. Some animals are more likely to bite than others are. In all cases, you may be wondering what happens if your dog does bite a visitor. READ MORE >>

Commonly called errors and omission insurance, professional liability insurance protects individuals or businesses that provide a professional service for others. For instance, insurance agents, lawyers, doctors, publishers and consultants are some people who often purchase professional liability insurance. READ MORE >>

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